Saturday, September 7, 2013

Book Review: Enchanted

TITLE: Enchanted
Book 1 in the Woodcutter series
AUTHOR: Alethea Kontis
GENRE: Fairy-tale retellings/mash-up, fantasy
PREMISE: Sunday is from a family full of girls who live charmed lives (literally, they're charmed by their fairy godmother). One day in the forest she meets a frog and falls in love....
MY REVIEW: Fairy-tale mash-ups can be a bit hit or miss with me. Sometimes they can be like Once Upon a Time and draw you in by giving great twists that make you think about the original tale in a new light (god, I am so excited about season 3 you guys! You have no idea. Actually if you visit my tumblr, you'd probably get some...). But other times...they can be a mess. To put it nicely. This is one of the pleasant times where it was fun.
The way Kontis chose to do these tales is clever and I love her slightly Terry Pratchett way of telling the story. Of course like all retellings, we get some idea of how it's going to end but the ride is fun, and I enjoyed seeing the twists on tales that she incorporated.
I can't give too many points for creativity because well, retelling. But if you're in the mood for fantasy-like retelllings to tide you over till the next Lunar Chronicles book (February is way too far away) or season 3 of Once Upon a Time, this totally fits the bill.
WHO SHOULD READ: Once Upon a Time Fans, Lunar Chronicles fans, fantasy fans, retelling fans
MY RATING: Four out of Five golden balls

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  1. I am OBSESSED with fairy tale retellings, so this is a definite TBR read. Any surprise I'm a HUGE OUAT fan? Seriously. I'm sad they're downsizing the cast :( but it's still got Robert Carlyle, so I won't pout too much!