Saturday, April 6, 2013

Book Review: Pivot Point

TITLE: Pivot Point
Book 1 in the Pivot Point series
AUTHOR: Kasie West
PUBLISHED: February 2013
GENRE: Paranormal gifts, Mystery, Urban Fantasy
PREMISE: Addie is a searcher. She can see multiple futures and lets that guide her through the choices she makes. But when her parents get divorced, she is given a difficult one: move with her father to where the Normals live, or stay with her mother? Both lead to complications she couldn't imagine.
MY REVIEW: So far I've been pretty happy with the class of 2013 debuts. With the exception of one or two (oh Dance of Shadows, you could have been SO GOOD) most have been interesting and rather creative. This one is an example of how they are taking usual ideas like paranormal gifts and giving it a facelift for something new and fun.
True, much of this did revolve around a love triangle where the outcome was obvious but the central idea of Addie and the mystery that she has to solve is pretty good. Addie was a okay character. Nothing special, but nothing great either. There were one or two moments that made me roll my eyes (like was villianizing the girl who liked Addie's new guy really necessary? I don't think it was). But for the most part, this was a fun paranormal mystery.
So if you like books about people with unusual gifts, I'd give this one a look. A few usual tropes aside, it was rather interesting. The writing is also pretty decent which is a nice change of pace.
WHO SHOULD READ: fans of paranormal gifts
MY RATING: Four out of Five ParaNormals

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