Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Book Review: The Lost Prince

TITLE: The Lost Prince
Book 1 in the Call of the Forgotten series (or Iron Fey series book 5)
AUTHOR: Julie Kagawa
GENRE: Faeries, Fantasy, adventure
PREMISE: Meghan's little brother Ethan is all grown up and resentful of his lot in life. Then a half fey he mildly befriends disappears and he has to wander into the Nevernever in order to help him and a girl he's just met.
MY REVIEW: I'm sort of torn here. Part of me thinks this series should have ended in book 3. I'm not a huge fan of authors who play the "Oh no, here's one more book. Oh but wait! Here's a spin-off series!" game. Seriously authors. Just stop. But this is an example of how if you do the spin-off/continuation route to at least do it in a decent way.
Kagawa was smart to leave Meghan alone for this one because honestly her story was done. It was done in book three but what can you do? Ethan is vastly different from his sister, and we get to see all the changes that have come about from the Iron Fey. I will say a lot of this felt like a redo of the first Iron Fey book but with male main character instead but like the previous Iron Fey books enjoyment outweighs the rather formulaic feeling of it. Most of my enjoyment honestly came from Kenzie. Gosh, I loved her. I sort of wish the book had been in her point of view instead of Ethan's because I'm really curious about her back story. I feel we didn't get everything. Maybe in the next one?
So was this really necessary? Probably not. But at least Kagawa managed to make it an enjoyable continuation that doesn't make me regret getting into this series. I will say I'm looking forward to Eternity Cure more then the next one of this though.
WHO SHOULD READ: Iron Fey fans, Faerie fans, Labyrinth fans
MY RATING: Four out of Five how long is this going to go on series?

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