Sunday, October 24, 2010

TV Weekly Recap

Dancing with the Stars: Oh Florence, I shall miss you. At least you TRY which is more then I can say for Bristol. I mean seriously, all those lessons on comedy and whatnot and she still forgets stuff and how to smile? Really? If she's that uncomfortable out on stage then why is she doing this?! I know I keep asking that but it bears repeating. Not to mention: Republicans I know you're enamored with the Palins for some reason, but she's NOT GOOD. At least vote for a star that is good.

Castle: Fun as usual, but I'm more excited for this week. Looks like some major stuff is going to go down. ;rubs hands in glee;

Glee: I know this week was a repeat so I want to talk about the one last week that I forgot to chat about. Am I the only one disappointed with where they are taking Sam? I thought he was supposed to be a love interest for KURT. But no, instead he goes to the uninteresting Quin. What gives, writers? Also where's that love interest for Mercedes? Or that Christian girl who was supposed to come in a be challenging for everyone including Rachel? Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying the season so far (and that number that Kurt did in this ep was AWESOME) but still, you promised stuff I was looking forward to and aren't delivering so far. Not happy about this. Unless you put it in later in the season, but you said it was going to be in the first couple of episodes so really, what gives? Still, it is a interesting season so far, I just want more from it. I do however look forward to the Rocky Horror Picture Show ep.

No Ordinary Family: I despise the way JJ is treated on this show. Not by his family but by his school (though his parents are also not very helpful). Maybe I just feel for him, because I was never that great with math at school so I related to him a lot in that first ep. This ep was rather boring but next week looks like they're finally going to pick the storyline up.

Project Runway: Wow. GRETCHEN got in? Seriously? Her stuff wasn't even freaking TAILORED. I mean, that linen thing practically screamed burlap sack. Look, I'm not saying Michael C is more talented (I actually think they're pretty even talent wise) but at least his stuff didn't scream off the rack discount cloths from Urban Outfitters. Also Gretchen suddenly does a turn around and is nice to everyone calling them "my boys"? Something tells me she saw the eps and saw how horrible she looked and is trying to do damage control. Plus maybe her husband leaving was a wake-up call. Although am I the only one surprised she was married? I don't recall her ever mentioning once on the show she had a significant other. I was under the impression she was single. Although him cleaning out her bank account was horrible. I don't like her or anything but no one deserves that especially as that's technically STEALING. But major happy for Mondo getting in. I personally think he has this one in the bag. Unless Andy or Gretchen manage to surprise us. Doubtful judging by what we saw.

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  1. About Project Runway, I'm super upset that Gretchen is still in. I think she has completely given up and she's been annoying me for half the season. I'm also rooting for Mondo. Can't wait for next week! Great recap :)