Saturday, October 2, 2010

TV Weekly Recap (aka my excuse to chat about my guilty pleasures)

Dancing with the Stars: Not totally surprised about Michael Bolten leaving either, though I am surprised Brandy was in the bottom. Perhaps I will change my theory about her and Jennifer being the top two at the end. I also must say I'm rooting for Kyle Massey. He's just so darn adorable. Plus, I remember when he started out on That's So Raven/Cory in the House (yes, I'm a Disney Channel watcher, don't look at me like that some of their shows are hilarious even if they're not exactly intelligent).

Castle: Oh this was so much fun and embodies everything I love about this show: witty banter, Castle not afraid to make bad jokes and snark with the other cops. I really felt bad for Martha at the end though, what happened with Chet sucks.

Glee: Despite the kids claims in this episode, it's really people my age (those in their mid to late twenties) who REALLY grew up with Britney Spears. We are the ones who remember watching her on Mickey Mouse Club (I for one would like to say I totally predicted that she, Justin, and Christina would make it big; to those that didn't believe me I say HA!), had Christina vs Britney debates (I was Team Christina all the way), and remember a time before she became tabloid queen. So this episode was rather nostalgic for me. I wonder what it says about me that I still know all the words to Hit Me Baby One More Time? Oh well, this was a fun ep but I missed the new characters. The only new one still there was the new coach and while I like her I thought she was supposed to rival Sue? How can she rival Sue if she's nice? Maybe more will be done in the future because I am rather intrigued by her and by Sam (who I hope is the guy who will become Kurt's boyfriend).

No Ordinary Heroes: watched this on Hulu and I am kind of intrigued about it but it still needs a lot of work. Right now it's full of the drama cliches and it's keeping the show from being the utter fun that I was anticipating it would be. If they get rid of the cliches and obvious plot ideas then I bet this show will be great fun like Heroes was (I'm still bitter about it being canceled...) so I'll be tuning in probably.

Project Runway: Mondo! Oh my God. I totally want to send him flowers and chocolates right now because that was some serious revealing the poor guy had to go through on national tv (for those that don't watch, he revealed that he's been HIV positive for the past ten years and literally hasn't told ANYONE before the events of this episode). I'm so glad he won to. He also didn't win because of his revealation, the judges were ohing and ahing over his outfit before the big reveal. The only sour thing about this ep was Gretchen (as usual). God, I wanted to smack her when she was all "I'm so grateful I could be here to share this journey with you." God Gretchen, it's not all about YOU you know. Can we please get rid of her already?

Didn't get to watch Undercovers and The Whole Truth due to that pesky thing called work this week.

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