Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Book Review: Naked Heat

TITLE: Naked Heat
Book 2 in the Nikki Heat series
AUTHOR: Richard Castle (ghostwritten in real life)
GENRE: Mystery
PREMISE: Detective Nikki Heat gets involved in the case of a murdered gossip columnist with an enemy list a mile long. The case brings her and Jameson Rook back together again...
MY REVIEW: Okay, for those that have no clue what this series is. It's sort of a fiction series within a fiction series. Let me explain. The author is actually a character on a awesome tv show called Castle on ABC (watch if you get the chance, I promise you won't be sorry). Castle is a writer who follows around a female detective who is his model for a series of detective novels that he's writing. That series is this one, the Nikki Heat series. I have no idea who really writes these books (I personally think it's Stephan Canell or James Patterson or Michael Conelly all of whom have made cameos on the show, but I could be wrong...).
But whoever they are I love their stuff. This is exactly how I would imagine Castle would write a mystery: weird twists, sarcasm galore, humor, and many colorful and memorable characters. If you watch the tv show you'll notice several allusions to scenes from Season 2 (as well as one from the Season 3 premiere) so it makes it extra fun for Castle fans.
For regular mystery fans, you'll get fun banter, a twisty mystery with lots of suspects, and just a plain fun mystery that you'll have fun trying to solve along the way (I totally guessed wrong, ah well...). True it's not a literary masterpiece, but if you enjoy mysteries for mysteries sake, these books will definitely make you grin.
WHO SHOULD READ: Castle fans, James Patterson fans, mystery fans
MY RATING: Four out of Five police badges

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