Friday, October 29, 2010

Book Review: Sing Me to Sleep

TITLE: Sing Me to Sleep
AUTHOR: Angela Morrison
CATEGORY: Young adult
GENRE: romance, drama
PREMISE: Her whole life Beth has been considered ugly. Then she lands the lead solo in her choir and her life starts to change...
MY REVIEW: The title of this book is an appropriate one not just because it's about singing but I was struggling not to fall asleep while reading it myself. This was that boring. It didn't help that it was one cliche after another and predictable as hell.
Now, you uber romance fans may get a kick out of this one so I do admit for the ones who crave the tear jerker kind of romance it's an okay book. But even if you're into it, you'll be able to predict where it's going because this basically is a redux of every other romance novel/Life time original movie/Nicholas Sparks book there is. There is seriously not one ounce of original thought in this book, except for maybe the singing choir angle.
I know books like this fill a niche and there is a market for them. I'm just saying, the author couldn't have made it a tad bit more original or interesting? Plus, if the author was going for an inner beauty angle in this story she fails because about three/four chapters in the main character gets a makeover and is suddenly hot. But naturally doesn't use it or flaunt it because she doesn't feel she's pretty despite hot guys flirting with her and all that ;rolls eyes;. Yeah, it's one of those. So not a godawful book but it's not great and definitely not good. It's just...there.
WHO SHOULD READ: Nicholas Sparks fans, romance fans
MY RATING: Two out of Five music sheets

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