Sunday, October 10, 2010

TV Weekly Recap

Dancing With the Stars: Is it me or is Bristol this seasons Kate? Meaning, she isn't very good, is obviously there for the controversy of her character, and you kind of get the feeling that she doesn't want to be there. I mean she seems really uncomfortable out there which makes me wonder why she signed up in the first place. Oh wait, it's the Palins...never mind.

Castle: Not much to comment on in this episode, though I found some of the background stuff on Beckett rather interesting.

Glee: Now THIS is when Glee is at its best. The last two eps have just been meh so far, but this is an example of just how good this show can be. I really wish the writers would all sit down and decide once and for all on a direction for this show because the way it is right now is very uneven. I mean you have fun yet pointless eps like last weeks Britney show, but then you suddenly get thought provoking writing about serious stuff like they did with this one. I like both kinds of eps, I just wish they'd be more consistant. Still, this ep was great. I love that they weren't afraid to do all these different views on religion and I swear I near cried when Kurt sang I Want to Hold Your Hand (plus how adorable was that kid they found to play his younger self?).

No Ordinary Family: Show is maybe getting better. I still it rather cheesy and predictable. Am I the only one having trouble differing between Stephan's Collins bad guy character and the dad on Seventh Heaven. I keep expecting the evil dude to break out in a preachy lecture...

Undercovers: Still waiting for my mind to be blown Abrahms. I like the banter, don't get me wrong but something needs to happen here or I'll stop watching.

The Whole Truth: See above comments for thoughts on this show.

Project Runway: For the love of god, can we get rid of Gretchen already? She's whiny, she's arrogant, and she frankly doesn't have the skills to back up her attitude. Get rid of her. Her and Michael because I'm not crazy about him either though I felt for him this ep. I have never wanted to smack a contestant as much as I have wanted to smack Ivy. Actually this whole group is kind of whiny and annoying with the possible exceptions of Peach and Andy. Still say it'll come down between Mondo and Andy.

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