Thursday, January 25, 2018

Book Review: Miles Morales

TITLE: Spider-Man-Miles Morales
AUTHOR: Jason Reynolds
GENRE: Media Tie-In, Superheroes, action
PREMISE: Miles loses his abilities and starts to question his life as Spider-Man and other things in general...
MY REVIEW: I fully admit, chances are...I had too high of expectations for this book. Miles Morales is one of my favorite Marvel superheroes. I was pumped to hear he was getting his own book. Even more excited to learn it was going to be written by Jason Reynolds, who everyone raves about (I have not read his other stuff yet, but I've heard really good things). Also Reynolds was on The Daily Show the other day and seems like he's a pretty classy dude.
I did like some aspects of this book. Ganke was awesome as always. I loved that it talked about privilege. The character stuff with Miles and the students and all of that was seriously great. But...the superhero stuff...sort of fell flat. There was a plot of sorts in it sort of fizzled out at the end and became very anti-climatic.
So I'm a bit torn. On one hand it got character stuff absolutely right and I loved what it had to say message wise. But on the other hand....the superhero plot, which is why most kids are going to want to read this, was a bit of a let down.
WHO SHOULD READ: Miles Morales fans, superhero fans
MY RATING: Three and a half out of Five I wish the plot was better feelings

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