Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Favorite TV Shows

This is a weekly meme hosted by the ladies over at The Broke and the Bookish.
Today, we're talking about TV. Now, I freely admit: I'm a TV junkie. You name a show, it's likely I've seen at least one episode of it. Or am at least familiar with it. Now, I'm doing everyone a favor and not including lists of past TV shows on here to narrow it down for my sake. So these are my CURRENT favorite tv shows. If we want to include some of my past favorite TV shows, we'd be here all day (feel free to ask in comments though if you're curious).

1) Doctor Who-Yes, I'm a Whovian. Since it always comes up, my favorite Doctor is Nine (Classic Doctor is Four). Favorite Companion is an honest to god three-way tie between Donna Noble, Rory Williams, and Martha Jones.

2) Once Upon a Time-I'm a retelling junkie. Who here is really shocked that I love the hell out of this cracky show?

3) Castle-Came for Nathan Fillion. Stayed all these years for the awesome character that is Kate Beckett.

4) Project Runway-One of my two reality TV indulgences (Dancing with the Stars is the second. Don't judge). I mostly watch for Tim Gunn who is flawless. Plus I just like seeing the creative process at work. After watching a episode it always inspires me to work on my stuff.

5) Revenge-This show is Count of Monte Cristo on soap opera steroids and I love every unashamed moment of it.

6) Teen Wolf-AKA that show you think is going to be really dumb and kind of is, but grows on you because it's highly self aware and doesn't take itself seriously. It helps that there are many awesome lady characters in it (Lydia is my queen).

7) Sleepy Hollow-This show is kind of like Teen Wolf where it's highly self aware and that works in its favor even though it's total crack as well.

8) Elementary-Yes, I watch Sherlock and I enjoy it, but I personally think Elementary does things a lot smarter character wise. Plus, Joan Watson is everything in this. Because I firmly believe in a John Watson that does not let Sherlock get away with crap, which sadly BBCs Sherlock doesn't really do.

9) Bones-Can you tell I'm a sucker for buddy cop shows yet?

10) Agents of Shield-Marvel fangirl. First half of the season had a few rough patches but the fun of the show kept me watching despite taking awhile to get to the meat of the point. Hopefully second season will not have that problem because they're not going to have Captain America 2 there to shake things up for them this time around.

Also enjoying: Game of Thrones, True Blood, Downton Abbey, Arrow (still in the middle of second season though. I'm catching up for Season 3 and am pumped for the Flash show), BBCs Musketeers, Supernatural (but the treatment of lady characters on it annoys me greatly), PLL off and on (I get irritated with it, but then a reveal will come and I'll come crawling back. It's kind of a rough relationship really), and I just started watching Girl Meets World (its so cute and my Boy Meets World nostalgia is full on right now).

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  1. Great list! I love Doctor Who and am really looking forward to the new Doctor! And Once Upon A Time is awesome! Can't wait to see what happens now that Emma has messed things up for Regina. And while I loved Joan Watson, I stopped watching Elementary about halfway through last season. Not sure why, but it just didn't hold my interest any more.

    Terri @ Alexia's Books and Such...