Thursday, February 6, 2014

Book Review: The Naturals

TITLE: The Naturals
Book 1 in the Naturals series
AUTHOR: Jennifer Lynn Barnes
PUBLISHED: November 2013
GENRE: Urban Fantasy, Mystery
PREMISE: Cassie has an unusual gift that the FBI decides to put to use in order to find killers...
MY REVIEW: So I freely admit: this one isn't totally original. Teens with powers solving mysteries has been a thing in YA for awhile now. But I love the trope so I don't particularly mind. Like most of what she does, Barnes takes a familiar trope and puts a new fresh spin on it.
The characters are fun. The mystery is good and twisty. There's also a little left over in order to entice you to read the next book. I could have done without the love triangle but it never takes over the book so I don't find it nearly as annoying as I usually do. Which, considering forced love triangles are a pet peeve of mine, is kind of a testament to how well the author handled it.
So this one isn't totally original. But if you're a fan of the mystery solving group of teens genre then totally pick this one up. It's a solid addition to the group.
WHO SHOULD READ: mystery fans, Body Finder series fans
MY RATING: Four out of Five sleuths looking for clues

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  1. I loved this book it was great so amazing ans intriguing a complete page turner!