Monday, February 24, 2014

Book Review: Avalon

TITLE: Avalon
Book 1 in the Avalon series
AUTHOR: Mindee Arnett
PUBLISHED: January 21rst
GENRE: Science Fiction
PREMISE: Jeth and his friends go on a mission from their boss to retrieve a ship lost in the dark reaches of space...
MY REVIEW: May I just say I love that more sci-fi is popping up in YA? Oh, I'm sure hard core sci-fi fans hate it because it's not "real" sci-fi (whatever the hell that means) but I personally love it. Sci-fi could use some more voices and I particularly love that more women are doing it. If that makes me a bad sci-fi fan then oh well. This one is even more interesting to me because it's so different from the authors last offering, The Nightmare Affair (which I adored despite the many tropes). Yay for authors doing completely different things and not taking the expected route!
Personally, I loved this one. The writing is good. It's got a sort of Fireflyish feel to it. There's interesting and fun characters. There's a good plot. It's got adventure and action. There's NO LOVE TRIANGLE. It doesn't try too hard to impress you like some sci-fi can be guilty of. It's kind of like Star Wars where it's mostly just here for the adventure of space. I like that.
This is one of the first new series of the year that I really like. Can't wait for the next book (as well as the sequel to Nightmare Affair which comes out later this year).
WHO SHOULD READ: Firefly fans, Star Wars fans, Sci-Fi fans
MY RATING: Four and a half out of Five space ships

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