Friday, September 21, 2012

Book Review: A Storm of Swords

TITLE: A Storm of Swords
Book 3 in The Song of Ice and Fire series
AUTHOR: George R. R. Martin
GENRE: Fantasy, drama
PREMISE: The consequences in book 2 take root in Kings Landing, Arya gains an unexpected travel companion, Brienne and Jaime travel together unwillingly, Dany travels to the west by boat, and many battles come to a head with surprising consequences.
MY REVIEW: So you all are probably tired of this but once again: I am going to give a gushing review to this series. Martin is one of those who manages to keep surprises coming and keeps you entertained while also giving sharp commentary on humanity and developing his characters in brillaint ways. Like Millaneum Trilogy, this series is just a great character study.
In terms of the series this one is a major game changer. There were things in here I didn't see coming at all (and some of which will make you quite happy if you hate Joffrey as much as I did which I'm sure basically everyone does).
Basically: I am still in utter love with this series. If you haven't read these yet and think you can handle things like sex, incest, war, bloody scenes, and morally gray characters then I urge you to pick them up.
WHO SHOULD READ: Those that have read Books 1 and 2, fans of the tv show, anyone inclined
MY RATING: Five out of Five shields

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