Sunday, September 23, 2012

Book Review: Code Name Verity

TITLE: Code Name Verity
AUTHOR: Elizabeth Wein
GENRE: Historical Fiction
PREMISE: A female spy in world war II is captured and forced to give secrets.
MY REVIEW: Unless another better book comes along in the next three months I think this may be the best YA debuts I read this year. As I've said, I've had a hard time finding a debut this year that I've just utterly loved and was well written at the same time. Finally I have a book that is both.
I will say, there is a lot of dark stuff in this. It deals with capturing of spies after all and the author does not shy away from the horrific things that people did to war prisoners during war time in order to get information. But if you can take it, this story will reward you with some fabulous storytelling. Seriously Hollywood, this book is calling your name. If you get this made and stick to the book, I bet you would have a Oscar winner on your hands. Or not as the Oscars have pretty much become a joke as of late but you have money maker for sure.
This book is well written, has interesting characters, opens up tons of discussion, and is a great look at World War II from the European side of things for a change. I think sometimes authors here forget that World War II mostly effected Europe. Yes, we had Pearl Harbor and people going to war but the actual war was fought overseas. Honestly the only issue I can really come up with in this book is that the second half drags a bit. Other then that minor issue. This was a fabulous well written debut. I hope we see more from Elizabeth Wein.
WHO SHOULD READ: Historical Fiction fans, anyone inclined to pick it up.
MY RATING: Five out of Five ropes

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