Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Top Tens (9)

My Top Ten Ghost books (in no particular order)

1)The Mediator series by Meg Cabot-This is the series that made me a Cabot fan. In this, Suze is a Mediator, a girl who can see the dead who sadly won't leave her the hell alone. Even worse is there's a slightly cute male ghost in her room! But Suze has a calling and it's time she faced it...

2)The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman-My first Gaiman book that I read and I'm still fond of it. It won a Newberry and all sorts of awards and for good reason. This one is about a boy who is raised by a family of ghosts in a graveyard after his parents are murdered.

3)The Gilda Joyce series by Jennifer Allison-Okay technically ghosts haven't made much of an appearance in these books yet but if they do, Gilda will find them because she's a investigater of all paranormal activity. To bad, no one takes her seriously.

4)Darkest Powers Trilogy by Kelley Armstrong-This is a bit of a cheat but ghosts do make a occasional appearance in this because the main character Chloe is a necromancer and can raise/see the dead.

5)The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting-Okay so it's more echoes of the dead that Violet sees but I say it still counts.

6)Bad Girls Don't Die by Katie Alender-A spooky story about ghost possession. One of my pleasant surprises this year. A ghost possesses a teen girl's sister and she does what she can to get her sister back.

7)Ruined by Paula Morris-In this little known YA book a girl goes down to New Orleans and meets the ghost of a slave girl and discovers dangerous family secrets...

8)Shade by Jeri Smith-Ready-In a world where everyone can see ghosts but few can actually communicate with them a girl deals with the ghost of her ex-boyfriend who won't let her move on.

9)Deception by Lee Nichols-In this one a girl can see ghosts and discovers it's a family trait.

10)The Canterville Ghost by Oscar Wilde-In this classic short story a family inherits a mansion but discovers that it comes with a cranky old ghost who doesn't like the new tennants at all. One of my favorites of Oscar Wildes.

Next week: favorite relationships that don't suck.

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