Friday, September 23, 2011

Book Review: A Game of Thrones

TITLE: A Game of Thrones
Book 1 in the Song of Fire and Ice series
AUTHOR: George R. R. Martin
GENRE: fantasy, drama, adventure,
PREMISE: In a land where summers and winters can last for years a deadly game of throne politics is being played. The Stark family is in the thick of it.
MY REVIEW: This probably comes as no surprise to any regular readers of this blog. I loved the hell out of this book. It has everything I love: fascinating complex characters, court intrigue, fantastic world building, well paced plotting, no sappy love triangles, suspense, adventure, and it's even written well! Granted, the style is a bit bland and if you like your main characters full of moral fiber this definitely isn't for you. Even the most noble of the bunch cheated on his wife.
But other then those very minor issues this is a definite must read series. I don't care if you're intimidated by big books or don't like fantasy or whatever excuse you have for not picking it up yet. Read it. Now. I'll wait.
I also highly rec the TV show from HBO which was nominated (but of course virtually ignored because it's genre) for Emmys. It's a good adaptation and this is from someone who is very picky about movie/book adaptations (you would not believe how nervous I am about the Hunger Games movies. The teaser has made me hopeful though). Highly rec this book. Only thing that makes me sad is that I can't get a Direwolf because they aren't real :(
WHO SHOULD READ: Anyone inclined to read it
MY RATING: Five out of Five Stark family flags (which are black because I'm in mourning for Ned Stark)

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