Monday, September 5, 2011

Book Review: A Touch Mortal

TITLE: A Touch Mortal
AUTHOR: Leah Clifford
GENRE: angels, drama, romance
SHORT PREMISE: A girl becomes an angel
MY REVIEW: Eden has been depressed for a while now but she meets a boy and things start looking up. But then the boy dies and she commits suicide only to find he's not as dead as she thought.
Okay I do give lots of points to the author for not being afraid to touch dark subjects and being rather creative. However I took a big issue with the way suicide was treated in this book. Namely how it was used as a plot device and then virtually ignored. Um...NO. You do not do that with subjects like suicide authors. You ESPECIALLY do not make it the way that people become "angels" in the first place and then have everyone in their human life somehow conveniently forget they ever existed. On behalf of families and friends of people who have commited suicide I find this very offensive. Also read your bible mythology if you're going to do books about angels. I'll give you a hint: people who commit suicide? Don't become angels or what passes for angels in this book. I also didn't care for the heroine who was dull and wrapped up in her boyfriend and of course was uber special even among angels. How wrapped up in her boyfriend was she? She commited suicide to begin with because she thought he was dead. Yeah, great role model for teens there.
Yes this was creative and there were some intrigueing things I even give a pass to the writing but the suicide thing bothers me WAY too much to say go out and buy it. Check it out from the library only.
WHO SHOULD READ: Twilight fans, Fallen fans
MY RATING: Two and a half out of Five

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