Thursday, June 23, 2016

Reading Through the Classics: The Price of Salt

TITLE: The Price of Salt (or Carol depending on the edition)
AUTHOR: Patricia Highsmith
GENRE: Romance, Realistic Fiction
PREMISE: Therese gets a job at a department store and meets Carol, a housewife in the midst of a divorce...
MY THOUGHTS: This is actually my first Patricia Highsmith novel. When the movie Carol came out last year, I actually had no clue Highsmith had wrote the book it was based on. I know who Highsmith is. She's known for books like Strangers on a Train and other mystery thriller classics. Somehow, none of the literary buffs who talked about her to me mentioned she wrote a lesbian romance at some point. I wish I could be surprised at that...but I'm sadly not.
As far as romance novels go, this is fairly standard. Two people meet, fall in love, have messy lives and those messy lives interfere with said love, work out how to be together in the end. Honestly, if it weren't for the fact that it was two women in love, this book would look very similar to books like The Reader, The Husband's Secret, Me Before You etc. etc. Honestly, it's no wonder the Oscars ate it up.
This was a very interesting read. I look forward to whenever I eventually tackle Highsmith's other books.
WHO SHOULD READ: those looking for happy ending LGBT reads, those that like drama filled romances, Patricia Highsmith fans

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