Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Reading Through the Classics: A Room of One's Own

TITLE: A Room of One's Own
AUTHOR: Virginia Woolf
CATEGORY: Non-Fiction
GENRE: Essays
PREMISE: Essays written by Virginia Woolf based on a series of lectures she gave about female writers and fiction.
MY THOUGHTS: One of the many holes in my education was that we had never read Virginia Woolf. I thought I'd finally rectify that this year with one of her short ones: A Room of One's Own. Mostly because it was short and it was an essay. I've been getting into essays lately and I figured it would be a good introduction to her writing style.
While I don't know if this is like her other books yet, I do know this was definitely an interesting read. Some of the thoughts in it are a tad dated, because it was written back in the twenties. But I can't help but draw parallels between this and the current on-going discussion among the book/fandom community at large about the need for more diversity. All Woolf is basically saying in this is that female writers should be given the same opportunities as male writers. That's literally all the discussion about representation and plea for more diversity is. It's sad to me that it's been over eighty years since this essay and we're STILL having these conversations.
I will say a lot of this wanders. Woolf does some metaphorical things that...I don't particularly get, I'll be honest. I don't know if that's me or her writing. But this does what essays should do: gets her point across and makes you think. She takes a bit to get the point. But she does get there. And it is sadly still a very relavant point.
WHO SHOULD READ: Virginia Woolf fans, essay fans, feminists

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