Saturday, April 23, 2016

Book Review: Half-Resurrection Blues

TITLE: Half-Resurrection Blues
Book 1 in the Bone Street Rumba series
AUTHOR: Daniel Jose Older
PUBLISHED: January 2015
GENRE: Urban Fantasy, Zombies
PREMISE: Carlos is an inbetweener who works for a council. He thinks he's the only one of his kind, until he runs into others like himself...
MY REVIEW: I picked this up mostly because I had read the author's other new book, Shadowshaper, and liked it a lot. This one...I did not like as much. First, it just kept reminding me of the Dresden Files too much. Which, there are worse series to be compared too, but it had more of Dresden Files' bad points. Namely, poorly done female characters. Considering the other book this author did had a great female character, this was rather surprising and disappointing.
But, it also has some of Dresden Files' good points as well. The noir feel is great, the world is interesting. A little confusing at times, because the author just drops you into the middle of it all so you have to work out the details for yourself sometimes, but it is interesting. But it's also repetitive and formulaic at times as well. But Older's writing style is also unique and he does a great job of giving you a complete picture of things.
This one was honestly a bit of a mixed bag. The good did out weigh the bad though. So for a first novel, it wasn't that bad. This definitely is an interesting series to keep an eye on if you're into the paranormal detective genre.
WHO SHOULD READ: Dresden Files fans, zombie fans, urban fantasy/noir fans
MY RATING: Three and a half out of Five zombie detectives

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