Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Book Review: The Empathy Exams

TITLE: The Empathy Exams
AUTHOR: Leslie Jamison
CATEGORY: Non-Fiction
GENRE: Essays
PREMISE: A collection of essays by the author talking about empathy.
MY REVIEW: I'll be honest with you: I have no clue how to rate essay collections. I am very new to the genre. This is only my second book of essays. The first book of essays I read was Bad Feminist last year. I said I was going to get to more essay collections and then...never did.
So is this a good essay collection? I don't have the faintest idea. I'm not a essay grader. I don't know what makes a good essay. I can tell you how I felt about this book though. For the most part I liked it. I liked it more for the ideas it presented then anything else. It does do what it sets out to do, which is challenge your way of thinking. However, like with some short story collections, some things here I liked better then others. I felt like a lot of the essays wandered a bit. They all had a point to them, it just...took awhile to get to the point.
I didn't relate as much to this one as I did with Bad Feminist, but I still enjoyed it quite a bit. I do hope to get to more essay collections in the future.
WHO SHOULD READ: Essay fans, fans of books that make you think about things
MY RATING: Four out of Five essays

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