Friday, January 17, 2014

Book Review: Altered

TITLE: Altered
Book 2 in the Crewel World series
AUTHOR: Gennifer Albin
PUBLISHED: October 2013
GENRE: Fantasy, Science Fiction
PREMISE: Adelice has escaped her prison to the planet Earth but finds leaving her past behind is not as easy as she hoped...
MY REVIEW: I had enjoyed Crewel a lot more then I thought I would last year. Other then a few bothersome things (like the ever present forced love triangle) it was a pretty strong debut. So I was looking forward to the sequel quite a bit.
That said...this wasn't as strong as I thought it was going to be. Doesn't mean I think it's bad. It just suffered a lot from second book syndrome. As well as again: forced love triangle stuff. Seriously YA authors, you do not have to have a love triangle to keep me reading your series. If your plot is strong enough, I will keep reading. This plot was good, why on earth was a love triangle even necessary? Especially as it made characters way more irritating then they usually are. Because when romantic shenanigans weren't happening, I liked Adelice quite a lot.'s not as great as the first book was, I'm sorry to say. But it doesn't make the series worse or anything. I'll still be reading the next one for sure. I just hope the next one has a bit more focus because this one was a bit all over the place plot wise.
WHO SHOULD READ: Crewel fans, Sci-fi/Fantasy fans
MY RATING: Four out of Five weavers

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