Thursday, June 20, 2013

Book Review: Requiem

TITLE: Delirium
Book 3 in the Delirium Trilogy
AUTHOR: Lauren Oliver
PUBLISHED: March 2013
GENRE: Dystopian, Romance
PREMISE: Lena deals with the return of Alex who no longer loves her as the world falls apart around them.
MY REVIEW: As everyone knows, endings of trilogies can often be tricky things. There is always that difference between what the reader wants to happen (usually meaning everyone winds up alive/happily ever after) and what the author feels is the right way to end things. Usually that upset can cause massive problems (again, I point to Mockingjay which was a perfectly decent ending but readers kept on wailing about it and still grumble about it to this day. I've given up arguing with people who go "well Hunger Games was good but the third book sucked" because I know that discussion is just not going to end well for anyone). So when the complaints about Requiem came in, I wasn't too shocked and took it with a grain of salt because same things have happened to trilogies before.
This is the one time where I kind of understand why people don't like the ending. It's very...abrupt. I feel if this was a four book series and this led up to the finale then everything would be great and I'd be anticipating that next book something fierce. But this is the final book and the ending...isn't really an ending. It's one of those open endings and I frankly don't really care for those. So yeah, the ending of this is a huge problem. I liked the rest of the book just fine. It continued to be great at showing just how much we need love in our society because that fuels things like passion for things, compassion, and essentially our humanity. I love that this trilogy celebrates not just romantic love but all kinds of love from friendship to family love.
So...not the greatest ending. Trilogy is still good and I love the ideas Oliver explored, and as always, the writing is fantastic. It's just not the best ending to a trilogy I've read. I don't think it ruins the entire trilogy like I've seen some people claim, but it's not the best.
WHO SHOULD READ: those that have read books 1 and 2, Matched fans, Wither Fans
MY RATING: Three and a half out of Five what was that? I don't even know, endings

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