Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Goals for 2013

This is a weekly meme hosted by the girls over at The Broke and the Bookish.

My Top Ten Bookish Goals for 2013

1) Read at least 230 books: Lower from last year as I only got to 240 instead of 250. In my defense I was busy moving in the month of February.

2) Keep up on new releases. Did pretty well last year I think, I'm going to try and keep it up this year so the blog will be relevant.

3) Actually read all those kindle books I buy. In my defense I do TRY and read them. I just finished my Perks of Wallflower kindle book and only have about six books to go so I'm not as bad off as say my mother who just got her kindle and has ten books she needs to read.

4) Finish the Women of the Otherworld series. Now that the series is actually finished.

5) Try out all those adult series that you keep glancing at in the library but never check out. I'm trying to make my books more varied in the adult reviews. I figure about half of them I probably won't get into anyway but at least I can say I tried them out.

6) Continue those adult UF series that you actually liked such as The Bloodhound Files, Elemental Assassin, Kim Harrison's series etc. etc. There are so many series where I've just read the first book and liked but never read the rest. I need to quit that.

7) Read Gone Girl. Yes, it's a bestseller but it sounds like a cool bestseller that I could get into.

8) Remember that you have Netgalley and actually use it. I was so bad about that last year...

9) John Green damn it. Read John Green already. This is actually a leftover goal from last year....;hangs head in shame; Personally I blame the Song of Ice and Fire books for distracting me with their awesomeness.

10) Keep up on actual book blog reviews. I'm all caught up at the moment so lets keep it that way.


  1. Great list of goals! Number 9 made me laugh, as I still haven't read any of his books. Let's make this the year of John Green! *L*

  2. Whoa, 230??? Haha, I only made it to 131 in 2012. I wish I could make it over 200! Great goals :)

    here's my Top Ten!

  3. omg 230 books??? I read 109 last year and was like, achievement. you book devourer haha


  4. I too put 'reading adult books' on my list. I feel as if YA and MG have sidetracked me for the past few years, and I'm hoping to mix it up in 2013. Love the rest of your goals also - so ambitious! Happy reading in 2013.