Friday, January 4, 2013

Book Review: The Iron Wyrm Affair

TITLE: The Iron Wyrm Affair
Book 1 in the Bannon and Clare series
AUTHOR: Lilith Saintcrow
PUBLISHED: August 2012
GENRE: Steampunk, mystery, urban fantasy
PREMISE: In a alternate history universe where magic is a part of the every day, Emma Bannon needs Clare's help to solve a mystery for the crown.
MY REVIEW: This is the first book of 2013 I have read. Literally, I read it on New Year's Day in one sitting. It's a pefectly decent book. It's typical steampunk noir stuff that is a kind of mixture between Sherlock Holmes and The Dresden Files.
As such it's not very original. But still, if you're a fan of this steampunk mystery thing that has gotten popular, it's a good time. Bannon and Clare are your typical mismatched pair trying to solve a crime while working out their own issues. It's a fairly straight forward plot, the writing is average, the characters are average but not really fleshed out yet.  Basically it's good for if you're in the mood for steampunk mystery that you don't have to concentrate on.
So not a bad book by any means. It fills that demand for steampunk that has come up in the market and it's a fun read for a afternoon. Not going to make waves in the book world but good for those of us who are hooked on steampunk.
WHO SHOULD READ: Steampunk fans, Sherlock Holmes fans, Dresden Files fans, mystery fans
MY RATING: Three and a half out of Five wise-cracking sleuths

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