Sunday, November 7, 2010

TV Weekly Recap

Since I didn't get a chance to do a recap last week there will also be chatter about the week before this one as well...

Dancing With the Stars: Okay America, WHAT THE HELL? How is Bristol still here, yet people who got higher marks and are actually GOOD going home? Look, I will give Bristol her due, she's trying and yes I know she's not a performer by trade but you know what? She's STILL not good. Plus, I'm getting a little tired of her whining about how hard the dances are. Suck it up. You signed up for this gig so how about putting in more effort? Look at Kyle. He's getting reemed (unfairly in my opinion) yet he doesn't go around whining. He works hard and has a sense of humor to it. Same with the others. Please don't tell me this girl will actually get into the finals...there's way.

Castle: Fun as this weeks' ep was (I love when they do ones dealing with strippers don't you? So many jokes that they're not afraid to crack. Love it) I really want to talk about last week's ep with the serial killer. Looks like we're going to get a returning villian on the show! Awesomeness. Makes up for how little we've been getting on Kate's mother's murder.

Glee: Okay, Rocky Horror Picture Ep from last week. First off, kudos to the director for getting Sam, Finn, and Mr. S shirtless. Really, thank you guys. Made up for what a jerk Mr. S has become. I admit to liking his character somewhat in the beginning but now I'm finding him ridiculously selfish. I suppose the arguement could be made that he's enjoying his freedom from his harpy ex-wife but still. Favorite moment: Santana and Britney spying shamelessly on their teachers. These two have become my favorite characters next to Kurt and to a lesser extent Mercedes. Favorite song: Tie between John Staimos singing the hell out of Whatever Happened to Saturday Night (it made me wonder why they didn't have him sing more on Full House) and Sweet Transvestite. Can't wait for new episodes. Looks like Kurt IS getting a guy!

Project Runway: I'm going to say what everyone has said or has been thinking since the finale: MONDO WAS ROBBED. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with Nina and Michael? Yes, Gretchen was on trend, but that was LUCK. That is seriously her only style. She can't design anything outside of that trend. Mondo has more creativity in one little finger then that woman does (and more humility and good character). Trust me, in a year or so people will be all "Gretchen who?" while Mondo will be making a name for himself and be big. Ugh, if I wasn't so hooked on Project Runway, I'd seriously consider not watching anymore because these past few seasons have been wonky judging wise. I really wish they would have Tim Gunn be part of the judging panel or at least ask for his input. The man has impeccable taste and he has more of an idea of what goes on in the creative process then the judges do. Did anyone else notice he looked shocked when he came out to congratulate Gretchen? Even he was going "what the hell?"

Things on TV I'm looking forward to this week (new feature on here):
all my regular shows (note: I've pretty much given up on Whole Truth and Undercovers, so BORING).
Avalon High and Wizards of Waverly Place premiere on Disney Channel. Yes, I like Disney Channel, okay? It's cheesy and silly and helps me relax after stressful day at work, plus multiple repeat eps make for good background noise while I read. Currently I mostly just watch Wizards because a) it's fun, and b)there actually seems to be an ongoing storyline and interesting developements. Plus Alex is kind of awesome. Look forward to seeing wizard court ;) Plus it brings back the crazy headmaster who is so obviously a parody of Dumbledore. Love him (Dumbledore and guy doing the parody).
Now Avalon High...I have two minds about it. On one hand giddyness because it's one of my favorite Cabot books. On the other hand, it looks like they once again didn't read the book. I mean for crying out loud, they changed the main characters name (and her appearance and from the looks her entire personality). Plus, Myles is a teenager? Reincarnation of Merlin guys! Hello! I also don't see Ellie's track friend anywhere in the previews, who wants to bet she got cut to be replaced by Myles? Will I be tuning in? Yes. Will I like it? Hard to say.

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  1. I'm 27, I like the Disney Channel and I'm not afraid to admit that. lol