Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Movie Review: Harry Potter 7, Part I

TITLE: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I
Movie seven in the Harry Potter series
ACTORS/ACTRESSES: Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, Alan Rickman, Jason Isaacs, David Thewlis, Helana Botom Carter, and basically every other awesome british actor/actress you could think of (minus Ian McKlellan whose busy with Hobbit no doubt).
RELEASED: November 19th, 2010
PREMISE: In the first part of the seventh movie epic, Voldemort slowly takes over the wizarding world making things more dangerous then ever for Harry and his friends.
MY REVIEW: I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan. It is one of my top ten books series ever. I discovered the series way back before the fourth book was published, got my Mom hooked (to which my Dad still glares at me for), and have been anticipating the seventh movie since...the seventh book came out. Because unlike half of the Harry Potter fans, I kind of find the seventh book to be one of the best in the series and one of the best conclusions of a series ever (yes, despite the sappy epilogue).
Thankfully, the Potter cast did not disappoint. This totally makes up for a lackluster sixth movie. Right off the bat they start off with some serious stuff and it gets more and more intense as time goes on. I'm telling you, the last part is going to be EPIC. The only thing that disappoints me are 1)no Lupin freak out and Harry telling him to put on his big girl panties and deal with it (that's how I describe that scene, sorry), 2)we didn't get to see Luna's awesome room, 3)Harry and Hermione naked kissing (I know that was in the book, but as a firm R/Hr, H/G shipper I still make faces at that scene. Harry and Hermione to me kind of equals incest). 4)Not enough Alan Rickman but that's been my complaint with all of these movies ;) Everything else was spot on.
Everyone was acting very well in this. Especially the trio who have the most difficult roles I think. Even the added scenes in it, like them showing Hermione Obliviating her folks added to the movie I think. This is one of the most accurate Harry Potter movies in my opinion and I can't wait for the next part which as I said, is going to be EPIC.
Favorite scenes: well as a R/Hr shipper, all of their scenes. All the bad guy scenes-I'm telling, all the best actors in this are the villians! Helena Botem Carter is an awesome Bellatrix (please have the scene with Mrs.Weasley in the next one WB, please please please! You all know the one I'm talking about, I'm sure), Ralph Fiennes is an excellent Voldemort (though his smiling kept creeping me out...), and Rickman as always was awesome in the one scene we had him in. Seeing all the different locations. Cinematography/set people better get a freaking Oscar nod for this. They did a great job of getting everything Rowling described in the book down perfectly.
In short, this is an awesome film and well deserving of all the praise it's getting. If you are a Potter fan you won't be disappointed.
WHO SHOULD SEE: Potter fans, those who have seen movies 1-6
MY RATING: Four and a half out of Five wands

Now if you'll excuse me, I have birthday cake to eat ;) Om nom nom....

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  1. I love harry potter too.
    My best friends all go to the cinema on the first day it was on. but i didn't go because my family have plans.
    But it is awesome!
    going to buy the ORIGINAL cd later!!