Thursday, November 25, 2010

Book Review: Don't Judge a Girl By Her Cover

TITLE: Don't Judge a Girl By Her Cover
Book 3 in the Gallagher series
AUTHOR: Ally Carter
CATEGORY: Young adult
GENRE: mystery, adventure
PREMISE: When Cammie visits her friend Macey on her father's campaign trail they are attacked but survive. However, the attack is just the beginning to an even larger mystery...
MY REVIEW: I'm loving this series more and more as it goes on. Part of it is again, spy school is awesome. I love the whole idea of it and that we learn more and more about the daily activities as time goes on. I love taking a peek into their classes and watching the day to day activities. It also helps that the characters are just plain fun. I love watching them all interact with each other. Carter's dialogue is excellent and manages to be snappy without the annoying "teen speak" that's been plaguing YA lately.
It helps that Carter is introducing an ongoing plot this time. The first two books were just one shot sort of mysteries but now it appears that she's building it towards something bigger and I heartily approve of this. I also appreciate that finally, there are girls who are actually friends with each other. Lately it's been as though the frenemies idea has been taking over popular mainstream YA. Or at least the idea that girls have to compete in order to win that one hot guy as if that's the only thing girls are interested in. It's nice seeing girls be genuine friends to each other for a change and not compete over a guy. Also: more Zack! Yay!
If you liked the first two books, you will not be disappointed with the third one. The fourth book is already out (I'll be reading it as soon as I can) and the fifth comes out next year (as well as Heist Society 2!). I reccomend this series to all YA readers looking for something outside the fantasy spectrum, but isn't something like Gossip Girl.
WHO SHOULD READ: those that have read the first 2 books, you like spy movies, fans of Heist Society
MY RATING: Four out of Five spy gadgets

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