Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday Weekly Chat (2)

First off: Huge and Pretty Little Liars.
Okay, for Huge. Was I the only one snickering throughout the obvious parody of Twilight? I hope not, but seriously, that was fantastic. I also found it interesting that they had the nerve to have an asexual character (or a girl who thinks she is). I believe this is the first time someone has done that on TV? Either way, kind of cool though a bit of a bummer because I was kind of hoping for a romance between her and hot counselor guy whose name escapes me. But I can settle for interesting friendship thing they have going on instead.
Pretty Little Liars: kind of a dull episode but found the flashbacks interesting. Am I the only one who is confused about why these girls were all friends with Allison? Because it kind of seemed to me that they didn't like her that much and that she was basically blackmailing them with all the stuff she knew. But that could be me because I frankly can't stand Allison. From the memories it seems like she's one of those over priviledged-world revolves around me because I'm pretty and popular types and I can't stand girls like that.
Second topic: Hunger Games Trailer
Won't post it because I'm sure we've all seen it by now but god, does it look awesome. I haven't even read book 2 yet and I'm excited for it. Definitely picking up Catching Fire next week so I can join in on the festivities when the third one is released.
Third topic:
Apparently Daniel Craig (the new Bond, even though apparently Bond movies are on hold right now ;sad face;) is going to be in the american version of The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo. Yay. Note to self: pick up book when you finish Catching Fire (this is yet another trilogy I haven't read yet).
About all the topics I have this week.

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