Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday Weekly Chat (1)

Wednesday Weekly Chat is something I'm going to be doing on this blog from now on. Obviously it'll be every Wednesday and I'll chat about random fandom, mostly book related things/topics. So without further ado, here's the first things I want to chat about.

Huge and Pretty Little Liars on ABCFamily
Most of the first part of these chats will be me discussing these two shows which I have become utterly addicted too. Both are based off of books and are completely different. Huge takes place in a weight-loss camp and deals with the drama that goes on with the campers. The ever awesome Nikki Blonsky is in it (as well as Paul Doosey of Happy Days fame and the girl from Firefly whose name escapes me) and she plays Will. I really love this show. For one, it's nice seeing plus size people on a show but not being mocked/shamed about their weight nor are they stereotyped to death. For another, it's very relateable even if you aren't overwieght, the characters are nicely varied and again not stereotypes. Then the writing is just good. Nice and subtle lines that make you think and they manage to get a lot of stuff in one episode without being overwhelming. If all this doesn't convince you to give it a shot, it was created/written by the same people who did My So-Called Life. If you are too young to remember My So-Called Life it was a awesome teen drama (possibly one of the first teen dramas out there, but I may be wrong on that so don't quote me on it) back in the nineties that aired on MTV back when MTV wasn't completely lame and full of reality shows like it is now.
Now Pretty Little Liars...I'm kind of embarressed and surprised about how addicted I've become to this show. I'm surprised because after trying out the books in preperation for the show I didn't care for them. They were amatuerish (and not in a good way), the characters were annoying and bratty, the pacing was really bad, and there was the annoying habit of label dropping and pop culture referencing. About the only thing the books had going for it was the mystery aspect of it. So I watched the first few episodes to see if the show was better and yay, it was. The characters are much more tolerable (though I still do want to shake some of them like for instance, Spencer's whole selfish family), the mystery part is the important thing in the series and that's good because sometimes the melodrama parts are a little silly and cliche. The pacing in the series is also ten times better.
So what I want to discuss this week: Pretty Little Liars (Huge didn't have much going on sadly). Now that we know for sure it's not Toby, and I'm pretty sure it's not Jenna, who is the possible A? If you've read the books and already know, please no spoilers. Because honestly, I'm drawing a blank right now and that never usually happens to me on these shows. It's both exciting because for once I don't see it coming, and both annoying at the same time. So, thoughts please? I need to discuss this with people as most everyone in my non internet life doesn't watch the show so I can't discuss it with them.

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