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Book Review: Insatiable

TITLE: Insatiable
SERIES: Book one so far (but apparently Meg is planning a sequel ;squee;)
AUTHOR: Meg Cabot
PUBLISHED: 2010 (no your eyes do not decieve you, I am reading a book published this year)
GENRE: vampires, urban fantasy, romance, chick lit
PREMISE: Meena has always had the annoying ability to see people's death. This and other factors means her life is kind of hell right now. Then she meets who she thinks is the perfect guy, only perfect not so perfect.
MY REVIEW: This is officially now my favorite vampire book EVER (sorry Dracula) and most definitely my favorite Cabot book. As I've said before, I'm horribly biased about her, I generally always love her stuff despite some of the flaws. But honestly, there aren't much flaws in this book. The ending was maybe a bit chaotic but that's about the only bad thing I can find to say about it, and of course the standarad chick lit formula. Plus, I'm sure some of the history was flubbed as it generally tends to be in these things.
But other then those little qualms this book had everything I didn't realize I was craving from the vampire genre. One being: it made fun of the genre! Yes! It did! There were several jokes about it and even the main character hates the vampire trend and does NOT WANT TO BE A VAMPIRE. Thank you, Cabot, just thank you. Even better? The guy being a vampire is NOT SEEN AS HOT OR A PLUS. It is a problem between the girl and the guy. Yes, yes, yes. Also, it isn't written in stone that Meena will stay with the vampire! Just so many little things like these twists on the vampire cliches going on right now that make me love this book. Oh, and for those who have read the book and are wondering, I'm Team Alaric.
Basically this book was what I was waiting for when this resurgence of vampire popularity started. It had all the things I wanted in a vampire book for a change along with Cabot's signature snappy pace and hilarious dialogue. Now, as I said, the book is not completely perfect but for me, it came pretty darn close. Highly recomend this for all vampire fans.
WHO SHOULD READ: Twilight fans, vampire fans, Meg Cabot fans
MY RATING: Four and a half out of Five bats

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