Saturday, July 10, 2010

Book Review: The Dead Drop

TITLE: The Dead Drop
SERIES: Book 4 in the Gilda Joyce series
AUTHOR: Jennifer Allison
CATEGORY: Childrens
GENRE: mystery, paranormal, drama
PREMISE: Gilda is off to Washington D.C. for an internship at the spy museum.
MY REVIEW: As always with Gilda this was great fun. As someone who used to live in D.C. (but haven't for years, I haven't even been to the spy museum which I believe opened after I moved) I loved the setting (and can tell you that the details and observations of people in the city are correct). Gilda was fun and wacky as always and it was great seeing her in my old stomping grounds. If you've picked up this series before you already know what you're getting.
Which brings me to my thing about this series. Is it going anywhere? Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy it and am looking forward to the next one (Allison is apparently writing a fifth, yay!) but it just seems to be random mystery one shots ala CSI that don't really go anywhere. On one hand, I have no real problem with that. On the other, it kind of makes me crave more from it. One thing I'd like to see is Gilda's school life. Wendy can't be her only friend, right? So I wouldn't mind if Allison took what is already a fun series and just...I don't know, upped it a notch. It doesn't have to be epic or anything, just maybe an ongoing story arc or something like that. More investigation into Gilda's powers, that sort of thing.
But that's not really a huge deal with me because the series is still very enjoyable and I still rec it to my hearts content.
WHO SHOULD READ: Harriet the Spy fans, those who've read the first book
MY RATING: Three and a half stars

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