Thursday, February 4, 2010

Book Review: Wicked Lovely

TITLE: Wicked Lovely
AUTHOR: Melissa Marr
GENRE: young adult, urban fantasy, romance, faeries
PREMISE: Aislinn has always been able to see faeries. Keeping to the rules has kept her safe up until the faeries changed the rules on her and she can no longer ignore them.
MY REVIEW: I was iffy about this book because I kept hearing that it was similar to Twilight and I was pretty unimpressed with the Twilight series. But my library got a copy of it and so I figured I'd pick it up and my feelings changed pretty quickly. First I was skeptical, then I was intrigued, then I was kind of hooked, and by the end I totally loved it. Reading it now, I don't really get the comparisons to Twilight, the only thing it has in common is hot male leads and romances but that describes about every other YA book nowadays. To me this book is more similar to Tithe by Holly Black (which I also highly reccomend) but that may be just me.
Anyway, the pacing of this book is excellent. The writing...okay, that's average and I also admit the characters/plot isn't totally original. But considering it's a debut book it's really good and is very absorbing. Marr has crafted a great world here and with characters that you love and hate (in Keenens case, I sometimes loved and hated him at the same time). I also was a little surprised at the little twist in the end that sets up the book for its sequels.
So all in all a very satisfying book, some minor flaws but easily overlooked in the fact that it is seriously addicting. I now can't wait to pick up my own copy of this and the rest of the books in the series as well. Apparently book 4 is coming out in April/Mayish so I better get started on the others, huh? They're also apparently making a movie of this, to which I'm kind of happy about and kind of worried that they'll screw it up.
WHO SHOULD READ: fans of Twilight, fans of Tithe by Holly Black, faerie book readers, fantasy/romance lovers, anyone who thinks they'll like it.
MY RATING: four and a half out of five Summer Girls.

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