Monday, February 1, 2010

Book Review: Dream Girl

TITLE: Dream Girl
AUTHOR: Lauren Mechling
GENRE: young adult, mystery, paranormal, chick-lit like
PREMISE: Claire Voyante gets visions, super unhelpful visions that don't make sense. Then her wacky grandmother gives her a pendant on her birthday that is supposed to help her gift. Which is good because she has a new friend who needs her help.
MY REVIEW: On one hand, I did sort of enjoy this book. Claire was an enjoyable character and I enjoyed reading about the colorful characters in her life (and the fun fashions). On the other hand...the book was rather predictable, the ending a little lackluster, and not many questions were answered such as why do Claire and her grandmother have the visions in the first place?
That doesn't mean the book is horrible. It does make for a great light read and if you need a pick me up book. It is also enjoyable enough that I do plan on checking out the second book that recently came out. So if you want a fun read, by all means, pick this book up. But if you want something with more to it...probably not for you. I'm hoping the second book will answer some of the questions I had from the first book (and that Claire will actually get a romance this time around).
WHO SHOULD READ: fans of Meg Cabot (the writing style is very similar to hers), you want a light fun read, chick-lit fans
RATING: Three and a half out of 5 Chanel dresses

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