Sunday, February 28, 2010

Book Review: Confessions of a Shopaholic

TITLE: Confessions of a Shopaholic
AUTHOR: Sophie Kinsella
PART OF A SERIES: Book 1 in Shopaholic series
GENRE: adult, chick-lit, romance, series
PREMISE: Becky is going broke. Her shopping habit? Not helping. What's a addicted consumer to do?
MY REVIEW: This book was just all right for me. Honestly, I don't get the fuss made over these books. It was pretty standard chick-lit formula: female going through personal crisis/event(in this case, going broke), hot romantic interest, quirky best friend, supportive parents, etc.
There were parts of it I enjoyed. Some of Becky's inner commentary was hysterical and Kinsella does a great job of capturing what goes through a consumers mind as they buy stuff/justify over spending etc. But really, it's just average. Plus, I found Becky to be rather annoying at times. I do see why people like it. It goes by quick and is just plain fun. But it's not the amazing book that people kept telling me it was.
WHO SHOULD READ: Chick-lit fans, romance fans, people who have seen the movie
MY RATING: Three out of five shopping bags

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  1. I've had this one in my TBR for a while now. I really haven't had a strong urge to pick it up, but I do love quick chick lit reads, so maybe someday soon I'll get around to it!

    Thanks for your honest review! And, thanks for joining the Book Blog Hop! I'm a new follower!