Monday, February 8, 2010

Book Review: Unicorn Chronicles 2-Song of the Wanderer

TITLE: Unicorn Chronicles 2: Song of the Wanderer
AUTHOR: Bruce Coville
GENRE: childrens, fantasy, series, quest story
PREMISE: In the second unicorns book Cara searches for her grandmother in the land of Luster.
MY REVIEW: I've recently rediscovered this series and reread the first book last year then I found out that apparently Coville finely did do a sequel for it (two in fact) and no one told me! So I was kind of happy to see this book.
Now reading this series is quite different when you're an adult. When I was a girl reading this book, I was all about the unicorns and the fact that there was an actual strong female lead (in those days, strong female leads were rare, thankfully that's changed). As an adult, I still enjoyed it but I also noticed some of the writing flaws such as the fact that kind of Mary Sueish...not a total one but really, we don't get much of her personality at all, other then the fact that she's brave.
But this series is aimed at kids and kids will probably eat up this second one as much as the first one (there is a mighty good cliffhanger, I'll admit). So for the target audience it's great, for adults...enjoyable but not exactly brilliant. But you won't kick yourself over the head if your kid wants to read it. So for that I give it a high rating.
WHO SHOULD READ: girls who are going through the horse/unicorn phase, children looking for adventure type stories with strong female leads
RATING: four out of five unicorns

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