Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Book Review: The End of the Perfect 10

TITLE: The End of the Perfect 10
AUTHOR: Dvora Meyers
CATEGORY: Non-Fiction
PUBLISHED: July 2016
GENRE: Micro-History, Sports
PREMISE: A look into the score of the perfect 10 in gymnastics, why it changed and how its change has effected the sport.
MY REVIEW: I had been hoping to get to this one before the Olympics this year, but sadly my library didn't get copies of it in until later. That's all right though, I'm prepared for next time! So I've always been somewhat of a follower of gymnastics. I can't do the sport to save my life (I trip while walking), but like figure skating, I love watching it. I remember when they changed the scores ten years ago and I was hoping this book would explain more of the scoring process.
This book didn't exactly do that. I still am at a loss about why some scores are given out. But this did help clarify why it had changed. I definitely have noticed that the sport is different from when I watched it more avidly in the nineties, but this book helped me realize just how much it has changed.
As with most of these kinds of books, the author occasionally wanders off topic. I found myself skimming some things like the talk of the two gyms because that wasn't what I was reading the book for. But for the most part, this is a very in depth look into gymnastics and its funky scoring system.
WHO SHOULD READ: Non-fiction fans, gymnastics fans
MY RATING: Four out of Five cartwheels

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