Friday, October 28, 2016

Book Review: The Obelisk Gate

TITLE: The Obelisk Gate
Book 2 in the Broken Earth series
AUTHOR: N. K. Jemisin
PUBLISHED: August 18th, 2016
GENRE: Fantasy
PREMISE: Essun's journey continues...
MY REVIEW: Sequels can often be tricky things. Especially sequels to books that got such huge acclaim as The Fifth Season did (it won a Hugo, for those living under a rock). This one...mostly lived up to expectations.
I say mostly because a majority of it is spent on more world building. While I love that, being the giant world building lover that I am, I know some don't have patience for it. It also had the tendency to stall the plot somewhat. So that made this quite a slow book.
For the most part though, this was a good sequel. If you loved The Fifth Season, there's a good chance you'll like this one. It definitely is a builder kind of book though, where its main concern is leading us to the third book. Which should be excellent.
WHO SHOULD READ: fans of The Fifth Season, those who like complicated magical worlds
MY RATING: Four out of Five magic systems

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