Thursday, October 20, 2016

Book Review: A Monster Calls

TITLE: A Monster Calls
AUTHOR: Patrick Ness/Siobhan Dowd
CATEGORY: Childrens/Middle-Grade
GENRE: Paranormal
PREMISE: A young boy gets visited nightly by a monster while dealing with his mother's cancer diagnosis.
MY REVIEW: I admit, I put off reading this. I got it awhile ago when the trailer came out for the movie. But my father recently passed away a few months ago and I just had a feeling this book would just hit too close to home. Dealing with that is part of why reviewing on here has been random to say the least.
But I finally sat down and read it this past month. I kind of had to skim some parts that just got to me too much, but I suspect that means this is a great book. To me, if you can get to a person emotionally, that means you're doing your job as a writer. The illustrations are what really make this book. You probably recognize Jim Kay from the Harry Potter illustrated books. The ones here are just as gorgeous as the Harry Potter ones he did.
I got very attached to this book, but I suspect that might be to just relating too much. So I don't know how a person not dealing the death of a parent will connect to this book. But for me personally, this was a great book.
WHO SHOULD READ: Patrick Ness fans, those looking for creepy books
MY RATING: Four and a half out of Five creepy monsters

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