Saturday, July 23, 2016

Book Review: Ivory and Bone

TITLE: Ivory and Bone
Book 1 in a new series
AUTHOR: Julie Eshbaugh
GENRE: Historical Fiction, Retelling, Classic-book referencing
PREMISE: A pre-historic gender bending twist on Pride and Prejudice. Seriously, that's it.
MY REVIEW: I wanted to read this book the minute I heard about its premise above. I mean, look at that, how can you not want to read that? Unless you're one of those who hates Austen. I've heard there are such people. I knew exactly what to expect with this book and it delivered on the expectations.
It strays a bit from the Pride and Prejudice plot. Particularly where the Wickham character is concerned. But it is definitely an interesting take on the tale. It also made me think about Darcy a bit more and how probably if Darcy had been the woman, he probably wouldn't be as well-liked by readers as he is. Sorry, but it's really amazing how when male characters are flawed it's fine, but when female characters are flawed they're considered unlikable. Without reading any of the reviews on Goodreads, I'm more then willing to bet money that there are reviews out there saying this was fine, but they didn't like Mya.
The writing style is a bit...strange and takes some getting used too. But on the whole, I enjoyed this take on Pride and Prejudice. Other then the setting, it's not terribly original. Some of the hunting scenes go on a bit too long as well. I'm not terribly convinced we need a sequel, but we'll get one regardless. It's not a perfect book, but its good points far out weigh its bad points.
WHO SHOULD READ: Pride and Prejudice fans, historical fiction fans, Romance fans
MY RATING: Three and a half out of Five hunting parties

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