Monday, April 13, 2015

Book Review: Americanah

TITLE: Americanah
AUTHOR: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
GENRE: Realistic Fiction/drama
PREMISE: A blogger who writes about race in America goes back to her home country of Nigeria and encounters her old flame.
MY REVIEW: A book like Americanah is an odd sort of book to review. It's not what I would call a commercial sort of read. This is a very thinking type of book. It is literally designed to make you think. I personally love books like that, but I also have to be in the mood for them and know they aren't to everyone's taste.
If you're the type to go into a book for plot/story...this might be a tough book to get into. Plot wise it wanders and is very slow. The characters are also all complicated. The gems of this are really the topics it brings up and it's examination of American culture and race. The blog posts in it are especially on point and I was pretty much going preach during all of it. It brought up issues I myself was slightly aware of but never really thought of, such as the issues between black Americans and black Africans. Like I said, it's a very thinking kind of book.
So...I don't know. If you like thinking books then I absolutely recommend this one. If you just read for entertainment purposes (which is nothing wrong!) then you might be bored with it. If you're interested in racial issues and don't mind slow stories then I say go for it. Especially if you've read and loved Adichie's stuff.
WHO SHOULD READ: fans of Half a Yellow Sun, those interested in racial issues, those interested in stories dealing with Nigeria, literature fans
MY RATING: Four out of Five on point blog posts

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