Monday, February 23, 2015

Book Review: The Silkworm

TITLE: The Silkworm
Book 2 in the Cormoran Strike series
AUTHOR: Robert Galbraith
PUBLISHED: Summer 2014
GENRE: Mystery
PREMISE: Cormoran investigates the disappearance of a author who was writing a book that would reveal dozens of secrets of powerful people in the book industry.
MY REVIEW: I loved the Cuckoo's Calling when I finally got to read it. I didn't mean to take quite so long to get to the sequel but stuff happened and I honestly just forgot about it because summer was a really busy time for books.
This sequel did not disappoint me though. I will say, I wasn't as hooked on this mystery as I was with the last one. Unlike Lulu, you do not feel one bit sorry for the writer who gets offed. He's a massive jerk in so many ways. But Rowling still manages to get you engrossed in what happened to him in that magic way she has. Seriously, her way of writing was made for mysteries. I seriously cannot wait for the BBC mini-series of this series. It's tailor made for TV. Plus, there's some pretty clever meta going on in here about writers and the publishing industry. Though unlike Owen, she does not seem to be basing these characters on any particular people (although Owen's ego about his work reminds me of several egotistic authors who shall remain nameless ;cough;Jonathan Franzen;cough;).
If you were a fan of the first book or just adore PI series then I absolutely recommend this series. I can't wait for the next book. Which I hope features more character growth for the assistant. I want a Joan Watson thing there so badly (where she moves from assistant to pupil to badass detective in her own right).
WHO SHOULD READ: Mystery fans, JK Rowling fans (willing to leave Harry Potter behind),
MY RATING: Four out of Five writers doing meta on writers

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