Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Book Review: Bad Feminist

TITLE: Bad Feminist
AUTHOR: Roxane Gay
PUBLISHED: August 2014
CATEGORY: Non-Fiction
GENRE: Essays
PREMISE: Lots of essays on feminism and feminist issues, as well as relating feminist issues to pop culture.
MY REVIEW: So one of my book goals this year is to get into non-fiction reading. I do occasionally pick up a non-fiction book. It's just usually art books or books I use for research purposes. But lately there has been a lot of really awesome looking non-fiction coming out and I realized: I don't really know that much about this category. I've actually never even read an essay book. This one here, is my first essay book.
So with that in mind...I'm not sure how to review this. Everything I learned about essays I learned in college, okay? I don't know what sets good essays apart from bad ones, I don't know why some get collected in a book and others just get filed away somewhere. An expert on essays, I am not. So I'm mostly basing my review on my enjoyment of this book. I enjoyed it. A lot. Mostly because I related to a lot of what she was talking about and was going "preach girl, preach" throughout it. Some were better then others. That scrabble one was cute, but I don't think it really fit in with the rest of the collection.
So I enjoyed it. If you are new to essays, then this is probably a good starter book because I did enjoy the format a lot. I'm now seeking out other essay books, if any of you have any recommendations I'd be happy to hear them.
WHO SHOULD READ: all feminists, people who think being a feminist is about hating men (FYI: IT'S NOT), essay book fans, Roxane Gay fans
MY RATING: Four and a half out of Five feminists

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