Monday, June 2, 2014

Book Review: Sea of Shadows

TITLE: Sea of Shadows
Book 1 in the Age of Legends Trilogy
AUTHOR: Kelley Armstrong
PUBLISHED: April 8th, 2014
GENRE: Fantasy
PREMISE: Two sisters get caught up in intrigue that will change their world forever...
MY REVIEW: This is actually quite different from anything I've read by Armstrong. It's NOT in the Women of the Otherworld series for one. It's not urban fantasy either. It's actual fantasy. I have to give props to authors who aren't afraid to step out of their genre. Easily she could have just done another Woman of the Otherworld series because that world is HUGE and honestly I love it so much, I wouldn't have complained too loudly if she did. Unlike another series that shall remain nameless ;cough;MI;cough;, WotO has variety in its characters and Armstrong doesn't tell the same story over and over again. I'm sorry, I like MI but its formula has gotten stale and I really wish Clare would try something new.
Now as for the actual book...I have mixed feelings. Some things I was horribly confused on and felt needed to be expanded on more. But I'm trying to keep in mind that this is the first book, and perhaps she's waiting to expand on that at the correct time because Armstrong tries to avoid info dumps, which I appreciate. The characters were the interesting part of this for me. I just loved the dynamic between the sisters and actually didn't mind the romances that much.'s not the best Armstrong has ever done. But I appreciate that she's trying out a new thing and there is a lot here to make me want to check out the next one. I say, check this one out from the library to see if it's for you.
WHO SHOULD READ: Kelley Armstrong fans, Fantasy fans
MY RATING: Three and a half out of Five good starts

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