Thursday, June 19, 2014

Book Review: The Lovely and the Lost

TITLE: The Lovely and the Lost
Book 2 in the Dispossessed Trilogy
AUTHOR: Page Morgan
PUBLISHED: May 13th, 2014
GENRE: Historical Fantasy
PREMISE: Ingrid and Gabby deal with their new lives now that they know about the magical world around them.
MY REVIEW: Beautiful and the Cursed was a fun read from last year. It wasn't the most impressive thing in the world, but it did manage to be entertaining and feed my historical fantasy addiction. So I was perhaps a bit more lenient then I should have been, rating wise. But I stand by the fact that it was a solid debut.
This one...has bit of the usual problems second books often have. There were a few twists here and there, particularly at the end, to keep you wanting to read. But much of the beginning and middle book was mostly just busy work. I also feel there were too many love triangles but as we all know: I'm not a love triangle fan.
I still do mostly like this series though. It's fun and great summer beach sort of read. Which is exactly what I wanted it to be, so no major complaints, other than maybe cool it with the love triangle drama. You're better than that Morgan. You have lots of interesting characters/ideas going on in here. You don't need love triangle fodder to keep it going.
WHO SHOULD READ: Mortal Instrument fans, The Beautiful and the Cursed fans
MY RATING: Four out of Five grumpy gargoyles

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