Saturday, April 12, 2014

Book Review: Steadfast

TITLE: Steadfast
Book 2 in the Spellcaster Series
AUTHOR: Claudia Gray
PUBLISHED: March 4rth, 2014
GENRE: Urban Fantasy, Witches
PREMISE: Nadia and Co. deal with Elizabeth who is going after them with a vengeance.
MY REVIEW: If ever I want entertaining urban fantasy that doesn't make me feel like I'm losing IQ points, I turn to Claudia Gray. Yes, she has tropes galore, but she manages to put fun twists on them that keep her stuff interesting.
This latest installment is no exception. She keeps the plot going quickly, but never out of control. A few cheesy romantic moments aside, there are several good things going in this. There's also good character development that all leads to a big cliffhanger at the end.
All in all, a satisfying sequel. No, this series probably will never win writing awards, but if you're looking for entertaining urban fantasy with witches, it definitely gets the job done.
WHO SHOULD READ: fans of Spellcaster, Evernight fans, witch book fans, fans of Charmed
MY RATING: Four out of Five spells

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