Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Reading/Book Blog Goals for 2014

So another year comes to a close. I did manage to get some of my book goals done this year at least. Here are my new ones for 2014:

Book Blog Goals:
Be consistent with reviews. Some of you have probably noticed my funky posting as of late. Apologies. My work schedule got in the way these past few months due to the holiday season (the bane of retail workers everywhere). But it looks like it's going back to normal in January. Either way, I'm still going to try to be better about it.
I've decided that I'm no longer going to do reviews of single series books for things like UF. Particularly for long series. So instead of eight reviews of me going "yeah, I still like this series" for say The Elemental Assassin, you'll get one review for the whole series when I get caught up. Stuff like trilogies, I'll still review separately, but for series with more then five books, I'll probably just review the first book and then do one big review for the rest. Then of course, if the series is still ongoing, I'll review the new books as they come out.

Reading Goals for 2014:
Read at least 200 books. Two hundred seems to be what I average. So I think this is a more realistic goal for me.
Read four classics. I was bad about the classics this year (I only read one and I usually read at least 5). So I'm hoping to be better about it this year.
Get back into adult fantasy. This year I did adult urban fantasy. I feel I hit most of the ones that interest me. Now, I want to try and foray back into adult fantasy. I gave it up a bit due to getting more into YA and lack of creativity going on at the time. People assure me though, that there have been many awesome books as of late. So I'm going to try and get back into it.
Read the 2013 books I missed. Particularly Allegiant and Champion.
Try finishing up/get caught up on some of the adult urban fantasy series I started. Namely: The Hollows series, the Elemental Assassin series, Immortal Empire, etc.
Keep up on new releases. Now that I go to bigger library, this is more possible.
Authors/series to check in to this year: Sarah Dessen, the Gone series (no, I haven't read it yet), J. R. Ward (Black Dagger series).

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  1. Great list of goals! I need to work on my review consistency as well, as I'll have one week with three posts then go a couple weeks with zero. I'd love to have a week or two of posts scheduled in advance!

    Good luck! And happy new year!