Friday, December 6, 2013

Book Review: Untold

TITLE: Untold
Book 2 in the Lynburn Legacy series
AUTHOR: Sarah Rees Brennan
PUBLISHED: September 2013
GENRE: Urban Fantasy, witches/wizards
PREMISE: The residents of Sorry in the Vale try to rise up against Rob, with consequences for all.
MY REVIEW: Unspoken was one of my top reads last year so I expected big things from the sequel. Boy did Brennan deliver, continuing the awesome sequel/continuation trend that has been going on in 2013.
Brennan swiftly brings you back to Kami and crew and doesn't stop from where she left off. There's loads of plot developments/twists that both make me squee with delight (such as the gang all hanging out together and trying to deal with this stuff) and moan in despair (damn Lynburns. Just...damn them). All of it is done with that delicate balance of feels and humor that Brennan has that has made me love her stuff so much.
In short, this was a excellent sequel. I am already pining for the next book and I have a year to wait. Damn it all.
WHO SHOULD READ: Those that have read Unspoken, Sarah Rees Brennan fans, Mortal Instruments fans (this is like MI but ten times more better handled)
MY RATING: Four and a half out of Five evil cliffhangers (no seriously, EVIL)

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