Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Book Review: Never Fade

TITLE: Never Fade
Book 2 in the Darkest Minds series
AUTHOR: Alexandra Bracken
PUBLISHED: October 2013
GENRE: Dystopian/Urban Fantasyish
PREMISE: Ruby gets involved in the one organization she shouldn't in order to find Liam.
MY REVIEW: This series is one of the more interesting dystopians to come about in the recent year or so. I honestly hesitate to even call it dystopian sometimes because there's a bit of urban fantasy in it as well.
But whatever genre it is, it is a great ride. Bracken deftly mixes plot, intrigue, character stuff, and romance and never sacrifices one for the other. If you read YA you know this is a rare thing. Now, I will warn, if you're the squeemish kind, this series probably won't be for you. There's violence, cursing, and bad things happening to children. Basically, if you had trouble getting through Hunger Games, I wouldn't try this because this is like Mockingjay times ten and Bracken doesn't shy away from cursing.
However, if you don't mind the dark stuff and loved the first book, definitely check out the sequel. I actually think the sequel is a bit better then the first. This is yet another great sequel to a great first book from last year. I'm going to have a hard time choosing the best sequel of the year this year, they've been that good.
WHO SHOULD READ: fans of Darkest Minds, Hunger Games fans, dystopian fans
MY RATING: Four and a half out of Five potty mouth girls with guns (guess who was my favorite in the book?)

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