Saturday, December 28, 2013

Book Review: Unbreakable

TITLE: Unbreakable
Book 1 in The Legion series
AUTHOR: Kami Garcia
PUBLISHED: October 2013
GENRE: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal
PREMISE: A girl's life changes when she is haunted by a ghost.
MY REVIEW: First off, I'll state the first question everyone is probably asking about this book: No. It's not as good as Beautiful Creatures. But, it's not horrible. I enjoyed it quite a bit despite the fact that it was a little too similar to Supernatural for my taste. How similar, you ask? Well, you could change one or two things in it, and this basically could be a book set in the Supernatural world about another group of hunters. That's how similar they were. This just doesn't have Supernatural's problem with female characters.
So I can't exactly give this one many points for originality. But at if you're going to do a rip-off, you should at least make it enjoyable and Garcia certainly did that. While there were several tropes here, I could have done without (forced love triangle with the brothers for instance), for the most part I got a kick out of this. I went into it wanting just a fun romp with ghosts and a fun romp with ghosts was what I got.
So original, this book is not. But it is at least a fun unoriginal book.
WHO SHOULD READ: Supernatural fans, Beautiful Creatures fans, Anna Dressed in Blood fans, paranormal fans
MY RATING: Four out of Five ghost traps

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